meet the designer

Allie Marie Kincheloe


When I was a young girl I would tell people I wanted to be a “mapmaker”. Yes, like actually and precisely make tangible maps for people so they would have a sense of direction and not get lost. When our family would take road trips, I’d always request the map to then attempt to navigate where we were going. I always knew how to find the closest Carl’s Jr. I’m not quite sure how I came up with this desire to start making maps, but I still think about the fantasy to this day.

As I got older, my dream turned into being an architect. I would space plan different mansions and castles in my notebook and dream of one day living in one of my creations.

Around the age of eleven I started developing a vision to become an interior designer and eventually have my own business. In the 7th grade, an assignment was given to make a company and share with the class the vision and mission statements along with how the business would operate (a bit of a daunting task at that age!). My company’s name was Angel Interiors.

Looking back I snicker thinking how my whimsical and very childlike dreaming has truly morphed into becoming a reality. Now, I am a designer, working out of my little Balboa Island cottage, building a business - A. MARIE - just as I had one day hoped.

I’m grateful for every moment I get to spend self-employed and live in a country battling to save our foundational capitalist beliefs. I do my very best to never take one moment of freedom for granted. I am blessed with a rich life surrounded by close family and friends.

I believe everyone has a choice to live positively even in the midst of struggle - and, if you choose to see the Light, you have a wonderful opportunity to truly make it a beautiful existence.

Little insights…

I love my coffee black & strong, swear by mascara, lipstick, and blush, enjoy partaking in a good pick-up sports game, energize by spending time in awe of Mother Nature’s beauty, find a huge interest in reading books on spirituality, psychology, & interpersonal relationships. I’m currently studying the French language in hopes to one day be fluent.